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Park Booking Forms

  • Park Booking - Application Form

    PARK BOOKING - Application Form

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      1. The park can be used by residents only.
      2. The Parks may be used for private functions only from Monday to Saturday during the following times: 10am to 4pm. No Sunday functions will be permitted.
      3. There is a R500 (five hundred rand) refundable cash deposit payable at the Management Office at the time of the booking of the facility. The refund of the cash deposit is entirely at the discretion of Management after consideration of the terms and conditions (see below).
      4. All rubbish/refuse/litter must be removed from the park after the event, by the event organiser. The refuse bins on the Estate are not to be used to dump the rubbish. These refuse bins are for use for normal daily disposals by the Estate Management and its employees.
      5. No open fires are permitted. Gas braai’s are acceptable.
      6. No animals for entertainment purposes are allowed, other than by prior arrangement with Estate Management.
      7. Cars may be parked in the designated parking areas only and not on the verges or in driveways and pavements – Parking on verges, in driveways, and on pavements carries a R250 spot fine.
      8. Motor vehicles are not permitted to be driven onto the park or parked on the grassed areas on the park.
      9. Guests are limited to 20 persons plus their children, where applicable.
      10. Noise levels must be kept to a minimum at all times. Blaring music is strictly forbidden.
      11. Abusing of security guards and not conforming to their requests will not be tolerated.
      12. Failure to abide by any of the above will result in forfeiture of future use of the parks and the R500 deposit.

      INDEMNITY: The signatory hereto agrees that The Gardens Management Association will not be held responsible for any injury, loss or damage which may occur during the occupation of the site or during the use of the facilities.

  • Park Booking - Direct Debit Authority

    PARK BOOKING - Direct Debit

    2. Park Booking - Authority DD v2

Complaint Forms

  • Complaint Form - Barking Dogs

    COMPLAINT FORM - Barking Dog

  • Complaint Form - General

    COMPLAINT FORM - General

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  • Complaint Form - Security

    COMPLAINT FORM - Security

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Access Control Forms

  • Access Form - Windscreen Tags

    ACCESS FORM - Windscreen Tag

  • Access Form - Staff Biometics

    ACCESS FORM - Biometric Staff Member

    • Contact Details of Employer

    • Staff Member